Yes, Your Chronic Pain is Probably All In Your Head. Outrageous Claim!

Yes, your chronic pain is probably in your head, but before you go all “full metal jacket on me”, when I say “all in your head”, I DO NOT MEAN that in the way you might have been told by your doctor, specialist, or psychologist. Some of them are right up to date with the latest research, but many of them right now are blaming you and your attitude for your pain. I’m sure you’ve read, or maybe even experienced, the horror stories. But there’s no longer any excuse for blaming the patient.

You see, we now know, thanks to literally hundreds of studies using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) that non-malignant chronic pain that doesn’t have adequate explanatory pathology (the majority of presentations) is associated with conditioned activity in your brain. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with you or your attitude, and EVERYTHING to do with how your brain has learned to behave, against your will. Your BRAIN is triggering REAL, ACTUAL PAIN SIGNALS, all on its own.

That is one very important area of research going on right now.

But there is another area just as important, and that’s how to get rid of that conditioned activity, and your pain along with it.

Now don’t blank out when you hear the name of this research topic, because luckily it turns out doing it is a lot easier than understanding it, and after all, you don’t need to be a top gun mechanic to know how to drive a car like an expert.

The name of this research topic is “disruption of reconsolidation of conditioned responses”.

That’s how you can now switch off your own conditioned brain activity, and your own chronic pain along with it, quickly and permanently.

Special note 1: Please keep firmly in mind that on this site we’re talking about the statistical majority of chronic pain presentations; that is non-malignant chronic pain which is out of kilter with any identified pathology, given that a thorough diagnostic process has been followed. SDR Therapy is highly unlikely to have an impact on pain which is generated nociceptively, via adequately explanatory pathology.

Special note 2: As anti-opioid propaganda takes hold we are seeing an unfolding disaster for pain patients because so many medical professionals:

  • Don’t understand the difference between pain with explanatory pathology, and chronic pain that doesn’t have adequate explanatory pathology.
  • Even believe that ALL pain is psychological and that pain medication is not required.
  • Believe that opioids are never effective, even when their patients experience relief from opioids.
  • Don’t have the time or ability to critically examine the flawed papers that promote bad practice in relation to pain management.
  • Are afraid of losing their licence to practice if they go against the grain and prescribe opioids.

The result of this is that many pain patients are being denied medication and are now being sent to psychologists instead – completely inhumane. You can very usefully support these patients and may be able to have a big impact on their quality of life via SDR Therapy, but it’s unlikely you can have much impact on their actual pain levels. While I say “luckily these are in the minority” that doesn’t help those poor people who are living in daily agony through being denied pain relief, and who very often receive abuse and disdain from the medical professionals who are supposed to be treating them in accordance with the hippocratic oath.


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