A Free Webinar Series for Psychologists – SDR Extinction Strategy

There is no doubt that current treatment for clients suffering from chronic pain, including pharmaceutical, physical, and psychological treatment, is largely ineffective. According to a meta-analysis published in the journal “Pain”:

“There are limitations to the success of all the available treatments … NONE of the currently available treatments eliminates pain for the majority of patients … NONE of them appear capable of eliminating pain or significantly improving functional outcomes for all treated.” (My capitalisation.)

Our first free webinar series for psychologists, focussed on a better, evidence-based approach to chronic pain, is now available:

  • Presentation of the chronic pain client
  • Etiology of chronic pain – why most people recover from injury/surgery/trauma, but approximately 20% do not
  • Proof that somatic symptomatology, including chronic pain, is due to conditioned brain activity, and that this is why medication, physical therapy, and current psychological strategies are so ineffective
  • How conditioned brain activity arises
  • The importance of the reconsolidation phase of conditioned activity
  • How conditioned brain activity can be rapidly and permanently extinguished by precisely targetting the reconsolidation phase, eliminating the pain along with it

The webinar series is for psychologists, psychiatrists, and other board-registered medical practitioners only. You can enrol in the program by filling in the form below. There is no cost and support is included.

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