SDR Extinction Strategy – Your Free Introductory Program


Straight up an apology. As I recorded this welcome video I was far from home, holed up in my Mum’s home on the other side of the country as we traverse a horrific family tragedy together. Hence the quality of the set up isn’t great. I’ll be redoing the videos as soon as I have the resources around me to do so, but in the meantime I hope you’ll overlook this and just dive into the training and make the very most of it.

No doubt you’ll notice that in some of the material below, I make frequent reference to using SDR in the treatment of non-malignant chronic pain, and there are a number of reasons for that. Firstly it’s a mission and a big passion of mine to provide relief for the 1.5 billion people who suffer, and that will only happen if I can convince enough colleagues to become more active in that area. Secondly, because chronic pain so often involves co-morbidities which are highly amenable to SDR, by attracting chronic pain clients, you in fact achieve access to pretty much any client group you wish. Thirdly, by designing our training around chronic pain, we end up including just about anything you’re going to come across in your practice, simply due to the complexity of chronic pain issues. It allows us to provide a wider, deeper, more valuable training experience.



In the 3 Units below you’ll:

  1. Get a much clearer idea of what SDR actually is and how it works
  2. Understand that we are talking about classical conditioning, but leaving “inhibition” largely behind as we master a much more effective method of extinction, involving disruption of the reconsolidation phase of learned responses (feelings, thoughts, and behaviours)
  3. Learn an actual SDR technique in enough detail to be able to apply it skillfully and immediately in your practice

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Free Introductory SDR Study Program
This free introductory program gives you the theory of SDR and also goes into great detail on one of the most powerful techniques which follow the principles of enhanced extinction of learned feelings, thoughts and behaviours.
Module 1 Introduction to SDR for Psychologists and Counsellors

This training program provides an overview of the theoretical and evidence basis for the rapid therapy strategy known as SDR (sensory disruption of reconsolidation). It also teaches, in precise detail, a single SDR technique which can be readily implemented. Strong personal support is given to enable complete mastery of this technique.

Unit 1 What Is SDR?
Unit 2 OMG Pavlov!
Unit 3 Your First SDR Technique - Perfect Your Use of this Powerful Therapy Technique