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Why do we kick off your training with a focus on chronic pain?

Non-malignant chronic pain can be one of the most complex and mysterious presentations that any health professional can find themselves confronted with. After all, a massive 1.5 billion people currently suffer with this problem.

Our intention is to provide the most comprehensive training that we can, that will enable you to strongly assist the widest possible variety of clients, and the largest possible number of clients, and by initially delivering training that is focussed around this issue, we have the best opportunity to meet and exceed our goal.

Who will benefit from the program?

Although you don’t need to be board registered to join the program, obviously you will gain the most benefit if you are a practising psychologist.

Others who will certainly benefit are doctors, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, and counsellors. You may or may not find it appropriate to use the

SDR method, but you’ll gain an appreciation of it for referral purposes. Plus I know you’ll find it a fascinating area of study!

What can you expect from the program?

You can expect to be surprised, and perhaps even shocked at what is now possible for clients suffering from chronic pain and other traditionally “challenging” disorders or problems. Make no mistake SDR is not like anything else that has so far been developed. The theoretical basis is novel and yet uncontroversial – it really should have been widely realised at least a decade ago.

Although the program is focussed tightly on chronic pain, you’ll see obvious applications for a range of other issues as well, in short for any amygdala-mediated issue or disorder. If we dug into those in depth as well, the program would be not only convoluted but massive. Detailed support for application to other issues, free of charge, will be available to Associates whom we accept into the advanced support community post graduation.

In the 12 modules of the program, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of current, updated literature/studies in chronic pain which clarify the problems with current treatment, as well as a validated theoretical basis for the SDR methodology we’ve developed to switch off pain signalling.

Because the program is personally supported, you should be able to easily integrate the methodology into your practice and begin getting exciting outcomes with clients very quickly.

We’re big on data collection, so be prepared to be invited to collaborate on that as well. We’ll share our preferred pain tracking app so that together we can build as big a data set as possible.

Is there certification?

We don’t give out certificates for completion of the program because there’s no way of knowing how your skills have developed. There is an opportunity for supervision and also for professional alliance via Associateship, and that will be by mutual agreement post training. We hope that a strong core of students will develop excellent mastery, to the extent that they can take what they’ve learned and share with/train others, in order to have the widest possible impact on the mental health arena.

Is there a big picture?

I’m glad you asked.

Most definitely. Our mission of changing the face of mental health care will never even begin to be achieved by our efforts alone. It will only become reality with the greater mass of the psychology community engaging with SDR, so naturally we want to really get behind those professionals who share our passion and commitment.

To that end we are working toward the development of a thriving global community of registered health professionals who are utilising this more effective methodology, by providing ongoing professional development, by facilitating peer supervision, and by fostering a deeply-collegial environment for sharing of ideas and resources.

We look forward to actively promoting those professionals in every possible way, including marketing and other content/collateral/support to help you to build your practice in the way that you wish, listing you on our international directory of preferred providers, and including being able to offer your clients free 24/7 support to keep them on track in between sessions with you.

In addition, we’ll be adding more specialised training programs on issues such as overweight/obesity (the WeightChoice tm program), PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, etc. There is much more to come, and we want to give it all at no charge to our Associates, the only exception being actual live training where of course we need to recoup costs.

What is the cost?

The cost of the program is just $2997 with full access for 12 months, so that you can work through the online modules at your own pace. This includes the complete manual, the online study groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and the weekly conferences for Q & A and further training, which are recorded for those who want to repeat them, or who cannot make the time slots.

It also includes one-on-one access to me via phone, email, Skype or Facetime.

Click the button below to begin your training right now. You’ll be able to access the online program, download the manuals, and enjoy our keen personal support in the closed professional development groups, with email and phone support, all included, starting immediately if you wish.

Special Note: If you have any problems whatsoever accessing your program, or simply would like to have a chat before enrolling, please contact us using the contact form here.