Why We Encourage you to Niche Your Practice to Chronic Pain

Right now, just in my city of 2 million people, there are 400,000 people who live with chronic pain pretty much every day.

\"\"Of those people with pain, there are some 90% (approximately 360,000) with low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, post-surgical pain, post-cancer pain, fibromyalgia, \”nerve\” pain, and phantom pain. There are many millions more around the world, in fact around 1.5 billion people living with non-malignant chronic pain conditions, who are not being helped by any medication, any physical therapy, or psychological inhibition approaches such as CBT or mindfulness/ACT.

We now know beyond doubt that these forms of chronic pain are not explained (or are completely inadequately explained) by pathology, and in fact are largely a result of conditioned activity in the brain/nervous system (you\’ll find over 100 scientific references in our main text).

Having developed a new extinction technique, along with a comprehensive program which has been demonstrated to have a +75/+85% efficacy rate, as seen in our own clinical research trials, we can end that pain for most people, and can dramatically reduce the pain for others.

We are not talking about merely helping people to \”control\” or \”manage\” or \”live with\” their pain. We are talking about quickly stopping the pain and eliminating it permanently, without trying to get people to change their thoughts or attitude to the pain.

I have no hope of helping even the 360,000 people in my own city – I will never live long enough to do so. Around the world there are many millions more that I can never hope, alone, to do a single thing to help. Right now there are not even enough psychologists in the world to be able to support and help all these people.

But together we can at least have an impact, and I hope you might consider sharing this mission of putting an end to that suffering.

There is no doubt that there is a massive, completely-unserviced group of potential clients out there, and we plan to take them on a journey straight to your door. So that\’s just one way that your practice can grow quite rapidly, whether you personally want to be seeing more clients, or whether you prefer a training/mentoring role with other psychologists.

And there\’s yet more to be gained by niching in this way:

  • Niching automatically clarifies your marketing and delivers a much stronger message to your community – we\’ll show you exactly how to do that because we don\’t get to achieve even a sliver of our mission unless we foster your success. It\’s with tremendous joy that we share our breakthroughs with you.
  • As you\’ll see if you decide to take the training and get the support, the etiology of chronic pain, and therefore the treatment foci, is usually quite complex and leads naturally into many other areas: weight loss, anxiety/depression/trauma/sleep dysfunction and other comorbidity, relationship issues, and just about anything else you can think of. How easy to invite people (and their friends and family) into other programs when they already absolutely trust that you can deliver massive value to their lives. No more session-by-session plans that see people discharged too soon, cheated of the outcomes they could have gained.
  • You break free of the shackles of doctor referral and gain the ability to reach and attract people regardless of whether health funds are involved. People in pain are desperate, and when they have certainty that you can stop the pain, they will come to you.

Now it\’s up to you to decide what you\’d like to do next. You may feel you\’d like to do more reading, or may feel you\’d like to get in touch for a chat, or at least join me on LinkedIn or Substack.

Whatever you choose, I wish you continued success and pleasure in your practice.


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