If you’re on the mailing list you’ll get advance notice of our webinars. So be sure to JOIN HERE if you haven’t already. These webinars are exclusively devoted to providing highly practical ways to improve the practice of therapy because let’s face it, therapy is littered with practices which are claimed to be evidence based but which are anything but. We want to work with colleagues to remove inefficacious therapies from the coalface of therapy, and share strategies and techniques which have a sound, demonstrated mechanism of action and which therefore are much more enjoyable to use, and which achieve far better outcomes.

The Inaugural Webinar! If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him!

A lively  and practical Q and A with Professor James Coyne,  and co-conspiritor, semi-retired behavioural therapist Christine Sutherland 

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In this ongoing webinar series you’ll find that we respect your time and patience and while making it a fun experience, we always strive to provide valuable, actionable content, typically including  time to answer your questions, and providing an optional forum for further discussion, especially valuable to those who end up watching the recording.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • When to do what you already do and when to up the ante
  • When to bring people in who need to be there but are resistant (including a simple and pretty failsafe way to bring in reluctant partners)
  • Why you should entirely separate yourself from the gurus
  • Innovative ways to use strategic therapy to get past blocks, with real-life examples
  • When to develop insight and when to just send them out with a task
  • What to do if the client insists on insight
  • How therapy can be completely mundane

Date/time of webinar: Tuesday 19 March 9 am Australian AWST ( which is Monday 18 March 8 pm USA EST)

Why should I attend: To enjoy actionable and thought-provoking ideas relating to clinical practice

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