Neck Pain

The Complete Guide to Neck Pain & Cricks

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Note that this book comes with an additional book for free “Trigger Points”, and boy does Paul Ingraham know about trigger points.

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An extremely detailed guide to chronic neck pain and the disturbing sensation of a “crick”. You can read on almost any device, print it and lend it, and updates are free for life in order to keep up with the science. Hyperlinked sections can be freely previewed before you decide to purchase.

This book is for tough cases of chronic neck pain and particularly the phenomenon of neck “cricks” — that nasty stuck feeling. What makes a crick in the neck tick? What are the myths and controversies? What works, what doesn’t, and why? This is a huge, book-length guide, regularly updated with fresh science for over a decade.

Abnormal vertebrae? Who cares …

Research has shown that abnormal curvature of the cervical spine is not closely associated with neck pain.


    • Introduction
    • Prognosis — What’s the worst case scenario for neck pain?
      • “What if there’s something really wrong with my neck?” Safety information! [updated Nov 2021]
      • Neck pain as the tip of the sensitization iceberg
      • Three case studies of extreme neck crick horribleness

        Etiology — The (weird and unclear) nature of the beast

        • Why does a crick feel the way it does?
        • Subluxation: can your neck be “out”? [updated Jan 2018]
        • Another possibility: the feeling of stuckness without being literally stuck
        • Stuck! What limits your range of motion?
        • Why is neck pain so common? Spatial summation of cryptic insults [Feb 2019]
        • Could it be arthritis? Is your spine degenerating? Probably not, no [May 2020]
        • Is it a herniated disc? Does it matter? The herniation myth
        • Is it a pinched nerve? Rarely! The nerve pinch myth [Mar 2021]
        • Does abnormal curvature hurt? Not much! The neck posture myth [Feb 2018]
        • Is it a strain? Probably not! The muscle strain myth
        • The potential importance of muscle tissue
        • Is it a spasm? The spasm puzzle [Oct 2018]
        • The case for myofascial trigger points as a major neck pain villain [May 2019]
        • From the frying pan of injury pain to the fire of trigger point pain [Oct 2017]
        • More about muscle malfunction: what’s going on in a trigger point?
        • A recipe for persistent neck pain — what are the risk factors? [Jul 2019]
        • Neck pain versus back pain: some similarities and differences [Oct 2019]
    • Diagnosis — How do I know what type of neck pain I have?
      • How can I tell if there’s a pinched nerve? [Dec 2019]
      • Diagnostic numbing of facet joints [Dec 2017]
      • A poke in the disc! Cervical provocation discography as a method of diagnosis
      • Estimating the importance of trigger points in your own case
      • “Out of nowhere”: seemingly random episodes of neck pain
      • A classic diagnostic sign: “I woke up with it”
      • Connections between neck pain, headaches, and migraines [Feb 2018]
      • Miscellaneous medical causes of neck pain and how to stop worrying about them
      • What happened to my barber? Neck pain powered by atlantoaxial instability
      • Hung on a coat hanger: coat hanger pain and dysautonomia [Jul 2020]
      • Digital Motion X-Ray
      • How can you tell if you’re sensitized?
    • Treatment — What can you do for a crick in the neck?
      • Some important things to keep in mind about placebos [Jul 2018]
      • Surgical options [Apr 2019]
      • Needles for neck pain: nerve blocks for facet joints and related treatments
      • Kill it with fire! Treatment by nerve destruction [Dec 2017]
      • Over-the-counter pain medications might be slightly useful
      • The cannabinoids: marijuana and hemp, THC and CBD — “it’s complicated!” [Nov 2019]
      • Muscle relaxants (Robaxin, Robaxacet, etc), psychoactives, and sedatives [Nov 2019]
      • A tale of two tutorials
      • Introduction to treating your own neck trigger points
      • Basic self-massage for neck trigger points
      • A massage success story
      • The role of massage tools in neck massage
      • Can you damage neck nerves by self-massaging? [Nov 2017]
      • Heat and ice both provide good bang for buck, but please err on the side of heat
      • Accidental icing: avoid drafts at night
      • Strain-counterstrain (AKA positional release): find a neutral, comfy position and rest there [Jun 2021]
      • Mobilizations or “wiggle therapy”
      • Will stretching help neck pain? [Mar 2019]
      • Pull my neck! The potential of traction [Oct 2019]
      • Relaxation and the confidence cure
      • Build your neck muscle strength and endurance
      • Will strength improve neck posture/curvature?
      • “Core” neck strength: training the deep cervical flexors [Oct 2018]
      • Coordination training for the neck
      • Ergonomics are probably more important than posture [Jun 2018]
      • Microbreaking [May 2018]
      • Pillow talk: the evidence about pillows is soft
      • Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT): Adjustment, manipulation and cracking of the spinal joints [Jun 2018]
      • Popping your neck joints: bad habit, or self-treatment? [Jun 2018]
      • Bracing yourself
      • The usual suspects: tackling the things that make all kinds of pain worse [Jul 2019]
      • The fascinating case of acupuncture
      • “Acupuncture”: Dry needling for trigger points (acupuncture’s weird cousin) [Nov 2021]
      • Hall of Treatment Shame: some popular treatments that are particularly silly [Oct 2021]
    • Executive Summary — All the treatment options summarized
    • Appendices

You can purchase this book for immediate access HERE.

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