Free Training Program for Psychologists and Counsellors

The first crucial step to being able to achieve faster, deeper and better outcomes with clients, especially including chronic pain clients, is to gain at least beginner skills in SDR therapy. That’s why we offer introductory training at no cost, so that you can demonstrate its efficacy for yourself.

SDR therapy is an important advance which enables clients to very rapidly eliminate unhelpful feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

SDR stands for “Sensory Disruption of Reconsolidation” and is an extinction strategy that is now the subject of some of the most exciting research in neuropsychology.

Take this opportunity to get a solid introduction to SDR at no cost, enjoy getting absolute proof of its efficacy and robust nature, and see how easily it can be integrated into your practice. Please share with colleagues so that we can truly make the difference that we joined this profession to work toward.


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