Free Training for Psychologists and Counsellors – Introduction to SDR Extinction Strategy

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Module 1 – What Is SDR?

Video and PDF explaining the theory and practical applications of SDR (Sensory Disruption of Reconsolidation of conditioned responses – a rapid and robust extinction strategy), backed up by high-quality citations and commentary. Includes personal support in Facebook and LinkedIn study groups. This unit will take less than 25 minutes to complete.

Module 2 – OMG Pavlov!

Video and PDF. See Pavlov’s great “mistake”, and understand why inhibition strategies such as CBT and mindfulness urgently need rethinking, and why disruption is such a superior alternative to inhibition when it comes to quickly and easily resolving unwanted feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. I’m not saying anyone should throw away CBT etc, but that there are many times when inhibition strategies slow down therapy, and even create deliberate or inadvertent resistance, and that SDR can rapidly resolve these issues and free the client to more fully engage and move forward with your treatment program.

Module 3 – Your First Practical SDR Strategy

Video and PDFs. This module takes you step by tiny step through the first powerful SDR technique, particularly useful for instantly eliminating habits or habitual thinking, including emotions as strong as blind rage.

Like the other modules, personal support is provided via Facebook and LinkedIn study groups to help you to quickly master and implement in your practice. I also remain very open to chatting by email or phone in order to help you completely master this important SDR technique. In addition, from time to time I’ll be running live webinars on this technique so that we can get good practice, live.

I’ll also be adding content in order to help show how the technique can be applied for specific problems, including how to explain and implement in your practice.


From time to time, video and PDF updates on what’s working in therapy, what’s not, and high-value Q & A based on questions coming through from the study groups. Most programs don’t include this when they’re fee-based, so it represents genuine value, and also my genuine commitment to you and your practice.


All this represents solid value …

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Why Is Such a Valuable Training Program Being Offered for Free?

This training is being offered at absolutely no cost because we have a mission to bring far more efficacious strategies to the wider therapeutic community. We know that people can be helped to eliminate/resolve maladaptive feelings, thoughts and behaviours much more easily than is currently the case, and that outcomes can be far more transformative, not only for clients, but for their families, communities, and workplaces.

We have a special interest in eliminating suffering from non-malignant chronic pain which is currently not being adequately addressed for some 1.5 billion people. SDR has an efficacy rate of well over 85% in the elimination (ie 100% elimination of the pain, no matter how severe or long-endured) or reduction (by more than 50%) of non-malignant chronic pain, so we NEED to get this out to our colleagues.

Alone we can have no impact. However you, together with your colleagues, can take this material and immediately create a massive win/win/win/…. for your clients, their employers, their communities, and their families, as well as for our health system and for your professional practice.

Let’s do this …

Christine Sutherland
Developer – SDR Therapy