Yes, Your Chronic Pain is Probably All In Your Head. Outrageous Claim!

Yes, Your Chronic Pain is Probably All In Your Head. Outrageous Claim!

Yes, your chronic pain is probably in your head, but before you go all “full metal jacket on me”, when I say “all in your head”, I DO NOT MEAN that in the way you might have been told by your doctor, specialist, or psychologist. Some of them are right up to date with the latest research, but most of them right now are blaming you and your attitude for your pain!

Well no more!

You see, we now know, thanks to literally hundreds of studies using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) that chronic pain is triggered by conditioned activity in your brain. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with you or your attitude, and EVERYTHING to do with how your brain has learned to behave, against your will. Your BRAIN is triggering REAL, ACTUAL PAIN SIGNALS, all on its own.

That is one very important area of research going on right now!

But there is another area just as important, and that’s how to GET RID OF THAT CONDITIONED ACTIVITY, AND YOUR PAIN ALONG WITH IT.

Now don’t blank out when you hear the name of this research topic, because luckily it turns out doing it is a lot easier than understanding it, and after all, you don’t need to be a top gun mechanic to know how to drive a car like an expert!

The name of this research topic is “disruption of reconsolidation of conditioned responses”.

And that’s exactly how we show you how to switch off your own conditioned brain activity, and your own chronic pain along with it, quickly and permanently.


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