Yes, your chronic pain is probably in your head, but before you go all “full metal jacket on me”, when I say “all in your head”, I DO NOT MEAN that in the way you might have been told by your doctor, specialist, or psychologist. Some of them are right up to date with the latest research, but most of them right now are blaming you and your attitude for your pain! Well no more!
It is widely acknowledged that current treatments for chronic pain work no better than placebo. So it is no wonder that some 3 million Australians are currently living with persistent pain which nothing seems to help.

Yes ... You Can Now Turn Off Chronic Pain, and Here's the Proof

There are a growing number of physicians and scientists who recognise that it is actually possible to turn off chronic pain.

The Role of the Amygdala

Study after study demonstrates the role of the amygdala in the perception of chronic pain. A 2012 meta-analysis in the journal “Human Brain Mapping”1 pointed to a universal acceptance of the role of the amygdala, but also to marked differences between brain imaging relating to acute and chronic pain.
Prepare to Get Excited! My excitement is because the field of “classical conditioning” has possibly just become the single most thrilling area in the whole of human psychology/physiology today, capable of completely revolutionising therapy across a massive range of disorders, and even capable of changing the world.