About Christine Sutherland

Christine Sutherland is a clinical researcher and behavioural therapist who has identified and refined a methodology for rapidly and permanently extinguishing unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviour, utilising Sensory Disruption of Reconsolidation (of conditioned responses), known by the acronym SDR.

A few of her research papers are listed on the “Research” tab above, and her medical and business text books have been translated to several European languages as well as Arabic, published by McGraw-Hill and Jarir.

She has consulted in the corporate, medical and military sectors, mainly in the area of behavioural change for peak performance. She is an exponent of TQM and QA, enjoys systems and processes generally, and has a strong interest in culture and branding, as well as sales and marketing.

These days Christine’s primary focus is empowering psychologists to master and apply the SDR strategy (formerly called “MDR”) in their practices, and to assist those practices to thrive to a greater extent without burnout.

And yes, she is past retirement age but will probably still be doing this to her last breath as her mission in life is to end human suffering by working with valued colleagues to change the face of mental health care world wide. A good reason to keep breathing and keep working.