SDR - the NEW Evidence-Based Extinction Strategy
SDR - the NEW Evidence-Based Extinction Strategy
A Powerful NEW Tool to Add to Your Therapy Skill Set.
Your client can experience concrete benefits even in the first session with you, providing confidence that you can help.
Because the client engages quickly and willingly with the methodology, there is little effort required by you or your client.
At 2-year follow up on our clinical trials we found that results were maintained, and even improved. The changes experienced are intrinsic and permanent.



Your empowerment to learn and master SDR is the key to truly empowering clients, and to more quickly and easily ending suffering, whether from psychological distress, or from chronic pain.

You Are the Key …

You are the key to getting SDR, and its far superior outcomes, to the world at large. Without you, little will improve.

To Ending Suffering …

You are the key to ending suffering for so many, particularly in relation to issues which have so far proven to be difficult or intractable to resolve: chronic pain, overweight/obesity, PTSD.

And You Deserve Better

You bring your heart and soul to your profession, and we believe you deserve to more easily achieve your personal and professional aspirations.


We Provide Training

We provide training in SDR therapy applications for a wide variety of issues and disorders. The training is chunked down for easy digestion and to make it as simple as possible to integrate into your practice.

Personal Support

Via the comment section beneath each unit, and via the private LinkedIn and Facebook groups for psychologists studying the program, we provide fast and personalised support to learn and master the material, and to implement it effectively, all backed up by weekly Q & A/further training, plus phone and email support.

We Promote You

We actively work to bring SDR into the public domain, so that clients are seeking out that method of treatment. In addition, for our psychologists who have completed training and wish to become an Associate, we actively promote individual practices and seek to direct clients to them. We also provide proven marketing collateral which can be readily branded and disseminated, to gain the attention of potential clients who currently do not realise that real help is available, and that you can provide it.


Our daughter had suffered with terrible pain all over her body for many months, wasn't able to attend school, and was about to be placed into a 2-week hospital inpatient program. She came out of the session with no pain at all, and went back to school the next day. It's just been remarkable.
I've struggled with overweight most of my life and have tried all kinds of diet programs and also exercise. The guys at WeightChoice worked with me so that I didn't have to diet. Instead my tastes just seemed to change and I was making different choices without even thinking about it. It's really cool for the weight to just fall off by itself.
It'd got to the stage where my phobia (of lizards) and my freakouts were affecting my son and I could see he was getting more anxious. I saw Christine three times and got to the point where I could look at a real lizard and just feel nothing but curiosity. It's like something just switched off in my head.

Cost of Chronic Pain Globally, in Trillions


Number of Sufferers, in Millions


Our Goal

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We write for the mental health community, and also like to provide articles for the general public which professionals can use as part of their educational marketing projects.

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