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Faster Therapy

Your client can experience concrete benefits even in the first session with you, providing confidence that you can help ...

Easier Therapy

Because the client engages quickly and willingly with the methodology, there is little effort required by you or your client ...

Exciting Outcomes

At 2-year follow up on our clinical trials we found that results were maintained and even improved. The changes experienced were intrinsic and permanent ...

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Your empowerment to learn and master SDR Therapy is the key to truly empowering clients, and to more quickly and easily ending suffering, whether from psychological distresss, or from chronic pain.

You Are the Key ..

You are the key to getting SDR, and its far superior outcomes, to the world at large. Without you, little will change or improve.

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To Ending Suffering …

You are the key to ending suffering for so many, particularly due to issues which have so far proven difficult or impossible to resolve: chronic pain, overweight/obesity, PTSD, etc.

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And You Deserve Better

You bring your heart and soul to your profession, and we believe you deserve to more easily achieve your personal and professional aspirations.

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Great Training

We provide online and offline training in SDR Therapy applications for a wide variety of issues and disorders. The training is chunked down for easy digestion and we make it as simple as possible to integrate into your practice and start getting great results fast.

Personal Support

Via the comment section beneath each unit, and via the private LinkedIn and Facebook groups for psychologists studying the program, we provide fast and personalised support to help you learn and master the material, and to implement it effectively, backed up by live Q & A, phone and email support.

We Drive Clients to You

Our first priority is getting you the skills to make a difference. Of equal importance is educating the general public and driving as many clients to you as possible, so that together we can achieve massive change.

What Clients Say


Why We’re So Focussed On Chronic Pain


Specialising in chronic pain is a win/win for psychologists and counsellors, and especially for chronic pain sufferers, their families, their workplaces, and their communities. It’s a massive market, currently not being helped in any significant way, and allows you to enter pretty much any area of specialisation you might wish for. The benefits, financial and otherwise because of SDR Therapy, are incalculable.

Over 1 Billion Sufferers Globally

1 billion people are currently suffering from unrelieved chronic pain and are not being helped by ANY existing treatment.

Costing Over 1 Trillion Dollars Every Year

The financial cost of unrelieved chronic pain is well over 1 trillion dollars every year. It is sending our health care systems broke.

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We’re building a growing library of categorised articles. Here are a few you might like to review.

  • The Role of the Amygdala Study after study demonstrates the role of the amygdala in the perception of chronic pain. A 2012 meta-analysis in the journal “Human Brain Mapping”1 pointed to a universal acceptance of the role of the amygdala, but also to marked differences......

  • How We Can Save $Billions Annually, Using a Novel Chronic Pain Treatment that Aims to Get People Back to Work More Comfortably and Quickly then Ever Before...

  • The first crucial step to being able to achieve faster, deeper and better outcomes with clients, especially including chronic pain clients, is to gain at least beginner skills in SDR therapy. That’s why we offer introductory training at no cost, so that you can demonstrate......

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